Best Food For Glowing Skin

There is a popular expression which states, โ€˜you are what you eat โ€“ and you are what you do not eat.โ€™ This expression applies really well for your skin. The ill effects of not eating a proper diet may not appear immediately on your skin, but with time, they become quite apparent. Moreover, eating the right diet can make your skin look younger, feel fresh and vibrant, and can make you feel good about your appearance.

Genetics is known to play a major role in your skinโ€™s condition. However, in addition to genetics, eating the right food items can also do wonders for your skin. This is a fact that more than 20% of women suffer from skin disorders such as acne, blemishes, wrinkles, premature aging, etc. Apart from spending money on expensive skin treatments and eating medicines, you can also try to include some effective foods in your diet.

In fact, by making small changes in your diet, you can slow down your aging process and can get a healthy looking, flawless skin. Here is information on best foods which you should eat to get that glowing skin of your dreams.

Tropical fruit

Tropical fruits are known to be very rich sources of vitamin C as well as antioxidants. Kiwi, papaya, guava, pineapple, and mango are some of the best examples for these tropical fruits. The nutrients which are present in these tropical fruits can stimulate the collagen production in yous body. Due to this, your body gets prepared for fighting against damages done to your skin by free radicals. In addition, since these tropical fruits are rich in minerals as well as vitamins, they also strengthen your immune system and prevent your heart diseases, cold, flu, arthritis, etc.



Yogurt is also known to contain large percentage of vitamin A which is again very beneficial for your skin. If you include yogurt in your daily diet, you can be rest assured that you would be getting enough quantity of proteins and vitamins. Yogurt is also known to removing excess sebum as well as keeping your skin rejuvenated. Yogurt is also known to reduce the skin discoloration, acne occurrence, and also prevents premature aging.

Red grapes

As per medical experts, the red grapes contain antioxidants and other natural elements as well which can treat many skin disorders. These include psoriasis and eczema. Red grapes also contain resveratrol, which is also used in many sunscreen lotions. Moreover, Resveratrol also possess the power to kill those cancerous cells in your body. In addition, it also neutralizes the presence of free radicals in your body as well as slows down the anti aging process.


Broccoli is a wonder vegetable. It is a real rich source of antioxidants. Moreover, it also contains Vitamin E, which can protect your skin against damage caused by UV radiation. In addition, Broccoli is also a good source of Vitamin C which not only maintains the health quotient of your skin but also boosts your immune system. Broccoli is also known to be a good source of calcium, Vitamin A and K. These nutrients present in Broccoli can stimulate the new cell growth and can also revitalize the already present skin tissues ion your body. These nutrients can also be effective in treating different other problems such as rashes, boils, skin hardening, etc.


Almonds possess a variety of benefits for your body. They are real energy providers possessing a lot of Vitamin E, which is an oxidant meant for protecting your from sun damage. Almonds also lend a helping hand in maintaining your weight, thereby making them a beneficial nut for you.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are known to contain a large amount of fiber and are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which make them good for your skin. Consuming flax seeds can help in flushing out those deadly toxins from your digestive system. This can reduce a number of skin disorders, such as blemishes, inflammation, etc.


Tomatoes contain Lycopene, which is a phytochemical. This helps in keeping the tomatoes red. The same applies for your skin as well. Lycopene can also assist in boosting your collagen strength, which is a protein responsible for giving skin its youthful look. It also fights against oxidizing effects of the UV rays by removing the free radicals in the body. These free radicals can lead to premature aging of the skin.


Carrots are nothing short of a wonder wand when it comes to your body or skin. It has beneficial effects on your blackouts and blemishes. It contains Vitamin A, which is an anti oxidant preventing any kind of cell overproduction in the outer layer of the skin. Moreover, Vitamin A also has effective results on reducing the development of cancer producing cells. Thus, carrots should be included in your diet at any cost.


Turmeric is not just any other spice. It is a magic world in itself. This Indian spice holds much medicinal value for your body. It fights cancer, skin issues, builds up immunity, and even helps in fighting against any injury. It can also reduce skin pigmentation and blemishes. Moreover, it is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory agent, which can put up a brave fight against the free radicals in your body. It can also used as a solution for scars which are caused by aging, dark pigmentation, hormone imbalance, and even sun overexposure.

Yellow Peppers

Yellow pepper is another wonder food which should be eaten by people looking for a healthy skin. It contains abundance of Vitamin C, which is essential for formation of skin as well as muscle tissues. Vitamin C is another favorite of skin lovers. It helps in building collagen, a protein responsible for offering the much needed strength to your skin.

So, include these above mentioned food items in your meal plan and just witness the change in your skin. The best part about these food items is that they all are healthy not just for your skin but also for your entire body.


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