Chanel Scintillance (804) Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow

Chanel Scintillance (804) Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow

I’ve been really into eyeshadows lately and have been buying and testing a lot of them. From being a naïve to the what and how of makeup to a beginner now, I love the texture and the results I achieve when using this eyeshadow. At the time of purchase, I was very confused by the shades available in Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadows and finally, after much deliberation between 802 Undertone and 804 Scintillance, I purchased this 804 Scintillance which in my opinion will give me what I want. In my opinion, it gives me the hydrated, sparkling eyelids that I love.

“A creamy texture that blends with the eyelid and dresses the eye in vibrant, easy-to-blend colors. A range of shades provide a silky, luminous and long-lasting effect. The eyeshadows come with a round brush head with very soft synthetic bristles, perfect for applying and blending color across the eyelid. The multi-oil blend adds softness to the texture and is easy, adjustable and melting. Highly concentrated, ultra-pure pigments deliver rich, sophisticated color. Formulated with long-wearing ingredients for a dense, even finish that lasts all day. Ophthalmologist-tested for contact lens wearers.” From a Canadian beauty boutique.

This eyeshadow comes packaged in a small clear glass jar with a thick black plastic lid with the Chanel logo. The little eyeshadow jar looks really cute. The eyeshadow shade is a peachy/pinkish beige with a metallic finish. The formula is very buildable. Just one swipe for translucent coverage and two to three swipes for full coverage. I do prefer one swipe on my lids, I get a translucent sheen that looks natural and looks great on the eyes.

The formula is very soft and easy to blend. I didn’t notice any creases in my eye sockets and the results were great and lasted for over 11 hours. It may stay on longer but I usually remove my makeup within a few hours after I get back from work. This eyeshadow can be applied with an eyeshadow brush or with your fingertips, I use it both ways with great results.

I really like the formula and the sheen it provides, I will definitely be looking into more shades in this formula. Retail price is $40 CAD (excluding tax).

Do you like watery, sparkly eyes? What’s your favorite monochromatic eyeshadow?

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