Daily Skin Care At Home

Daily skin care is crucial when it comes to achieving youthful and glowy skin.It’s a reflection of our healthy habits and lifestyle.We create this habits from the youngest age.Even though,most of us are not aware of how much is important to have daily routine, we all want luminous and healthy skin. That’s why the most important rule of every nourishing skin is continuous care. Daily care protects your skin from harmful external influences such as air pollution,sunrays,high temperature in summer, low temperature during winter, all of that leaves a trace on your skin, if it’s not properly protected and nourished.We know the basic rules,but it’s useful to repeat what we can do to keep youthful look as long as possible.

Daily Skin Care Routine:

Recent scientific discovery proved that 80% of skin aging can be prevented.That means WE can affect 80% of skin aging.It may seem like never ending beauty quest,finding a daily skin care routine that works for you,since there are so many skin care advice out there,it can be difficult to know which strategy gives optimal results for you.There are few basic steps that form a foundation of quality skin care routine.We can divide daily routine into morning and evening routine.Each of them plays an important role in daily skin care routine.They consist of couple of simple steps easy to apply.

Morning routine:

Morning routine starts with washing your face with lukewarm water.But,there is a little trick (that I personally use) to increase circulation of the skin.Start with washing your face with lukewarm water and than immediately after that wash your face with very cold water(or instead of cold water,you can use ice cubes,which I sometimes use)and gently rub skin couple of seconds.Repeat this procedure 2-3 times in a row,than and with a cold coating.It may seem like an useless part of skin care which takes time,but actually this procedure is very important because it stimulates circulation and regenerates the skin,which contributes to intense rejuvenation and significant reduction or disappearance of mimic wrinkles.The skin tightens and get beautiful natural colour and blushing,just like in a little child.Repeat this procedure every day,at least in the morning.I do this two times a day,in the morning and in the evening as well.

First step after washing and stimulating circulation of the skin ,begin with cleansing.Type of cleanser may vary based on skin type,but generally,with all type of cleansers,applies the same rule:using them an upward,with circular motion.In that way,you can efficiently clean your skin from sebum and dirt produced overnight.Purpose:cleansing removes oils,which skin produce overnight and prepares your skin for absorbing the active ingredients for care.It’s very important to choose mild cleansing agent,that will not irritate the skin.Make sure that your hands are clean in order to prevent excess dirt from entering your pores and stay away from ordinary soaps,because they tend to dry out your skin and cause overproduced sebum and make it susceptible for bacterial infections.

Step two- consists of toning your skin.After cleansing skin from excessive dirt and oil,toner will remove any residue left behind the cleanser.Just like the cleansers and toners may have PH balancing and antiseptic effects as well.The best way to apply it,is with cotton pad or cotton ball,simply soaking the cotton pads in the toner and wiping downwards,starting from forehead to the bottom of your neck.When you choose toner,pay an attention to ingredients,try to avoid harsh alcohol based toners,as they can damage your skin barrier and irritate it.Purpose:this helps your skin to absorb moisturizer and minimize the appearance of pores.

Third step-after you finished with washing,cleansing and toning,your skin is ready to absorb all useful ingredients from hydrating moisturizer.When you choose moisturizer,choose one with rich ingredients and sunscreen protection,which will provide hydration and proper protection from UVA and UVB rays.Also,the choice of cream,should be based on the type of your skin.Purpose:hydrating moisturizer with high SPF, gives your skin fresh and luminous look and keeps your skin hydrated and protected from sun and air pollution during the day.


Evening routine:

In the evening,after a long day skin is covered with layers of dirt and excessive sebum.That’s why,evening routine is also very important when it comes to nourishing your skin.According to researches,new skin cells are formed more quickly during the night,while we sleep.At night,skin renews from everyday harmful effects,sunrays and stress.Evening routine starts with removing make up and excessive sebum from your face with cotton pad soaked in cleansing milk.With circular motion wipe all the make up,starting from forehead to the bottom of your neck.Then wash your face with water,alternately change temperature of water,from lukewarm to very cold.Repeat this procedure 2-3times in a row.This will provide better skin circulation.After washing your face,use toner (depending on your skin type),in the same way as in the morning.When you finished with toner,it’s recommended to exfoliate your skin at least once a week,but for optimal results two or three times a week.

Note that,if you struggle with blackhead and acne prone skin,this step is necessary.In case you have acne prone skin,choose exfoliator that contains AHA and BHA.AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acid)are acids derived from natural substances such as sugar cane,milk,grape etc.BHA(Beta Hydroxy Acid)is Salicylic Acid used for treating acne.Difference between AHA and BHA is in there purpose.AHA‘s are mainly exfoliate upper layers of the skin and are suitable for the sun-damaged skin,as well as rejuvenating aging skin.In the other hand BHA penetrates deeply into pores and is good for treating a blackheads and whiteheads,getting rid off dead skin cells and allowing new skin to grow.Note that instead of traditional exfoliates,you can use sugar or salt scrub.Bouth,can be very effective tool in removing dead skin cells.But if you have acne prone skin,blackheads or whiteheads,it’s more effective to use exfoliator which contains BHA or AHA(depending of skin condition).Purpose:exfoliating the skin,you prepared your skin for applying hydrating moisturizer or serum(I prefer using serum at night,since new skin cells form more quickly during night).Before moisturizer or serum,you can apply mask for about 5-10minutes.It’s recommended to apply mask at least once a week(but I personally apply mask 2-3times in a week,because as we got older,our skin needs more nourishment).

Step four-is the final step of your daily skin care routine.When you finished with cleansing,exfoliating and putting on nourishing mask,your skin is ready for applying hydrating moisturizer or serum.

Keep in mind that these steps are basic rule when it comes to daily skin care routine,which is applicable for all skin types.But when you choose product for your skin,you should consider one that is suitable for your skin type.I will talk about that in the next topic.
˝Beautiful skin requires commitment,not a miracle˝


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