Dior Backstage Pros Airflash

Dior Backstage Pros Airflash

Dior Makeup, under the creative vision of Peter Philips, always presents the most unique and interesting products. There are new primers and some very interesting new eye makeup tools. For girls, they’re like a dream come true, with bright, beautiful colors to play with this summer, and fun packaging that you’ll love to show off. Let me get right to the exciting new product launches.

Dior Backstage Pros Airflash and the new Backstage Polishing Brush

Dior Backstage Pros Airflash is Dior’s first airbrush foundation ($78 CAD) inspired by backstage makeup techniques. It has an ultra-fine mist for the perfect airbrush effect on the skin. It contains light-diffusing pigments that instantly smooth the skin for a radiant complexion. The ultra-fine and ultra-fluid texture provides stackable and customizable coverage, and the formula is water-resistant and maintains true color over time. The formula is comfortable to wear and lasts over 10 hours.

To apply Airflash, shake for 5 seconds before use. Spray onto the Dior Backstage Pros Brush. Then apply to face in small circular motions, patting gently into areas that need more coverage. Spray more mist onto the brush and apply as needed for desired coverage. The shade I use for medium tan skin tone is 501 – Dark Beige I think it’s a little dark for me but it’s perfect for the summer as I’m more tanned than usual. The formula is great and I love how smooth and comfortable it is. Wear time is good, the finish is semi-matte but glossy, I mean it doesn’t show but does give a beautiful sheen that looks very natural on the skin with the airbrush. The coverage is medium and it is easy to achieve complete coverage. Another plus is that it is waterproof and I will definitely be testing it out on a beach day or pool party.

Inspired by backstage makeup techniques, the Dior Backstage Polishing Brush ($60 CAD) revolutionizes foundation application with fibers of unparalleled density and mass for even skin tone and stackable coverage. New shapes for controlled application and a second layer of skin make-up in a single sweep. To use, apply in a circular motion from the center of the face outward.

Diorshow 2018 – Diorshow On Stage Liner

The Diorshow On Stage Liner ($35 CAD) is the first Dior liquid eyeliner with an ultra-soft felt-tip that makes it easy to recreate on-stage eye makeup.Inspired by the backstage, the Diorshow On Stage Liner is the first eyeliner with a hybrid tip that combines the convenience of a felt-tip pen with the softness of a brush. Its delicate tip allows for greater freedom of application and guides the liner to perfectly recreate a Dior show look with a single swipe.Diorshow On Stage Liner is available in ultra-shiny vinyl black and 14 intense, pure, saturated, matte or pearly shades. The ultra-pigmented, water-resistant formula offers 3 intense effects (vinyl, matte and satin) for spectacular lines on the eyes and is ideal for extreme 24-hour* wear.

The felt tip really helps with precise application and I was impressed with the intensity of the color. The formula dries quickly and doesn’t smudge during the day. The staying power is great and I was intact at the end of the day. The colors are really fun and I look forward to matching them to my look and outfits.

Diorshow 2018 – Diorshow Pump’N’Volume Mascara

I’ve been in love with the Diorshow Pump’N’Volume Mascara ($37 CAD) since I first used it. My full review of the mascara is here, and Dior has taken it a step further by unleashing a squeezable effect in 4 vibrant, ultra-pigmented shades that create colorful combinations and instant volume. To apply mascara, squeeze the tube two or three times to achieve the ideal fluidity of the formula and load the brush with product. Apply in a zigzag pattern, coating the lashes from root to tip for an instant, ultra-volumizing effect. the Diorshow Pump’N’Volume flexible brush combines a rigid wand that ensures consistent and precise application with a flexible tip that is gentle on the lashes. the Diorshow Pump’N’Volume ultra-volumizing formula contains a high concentration of waxes and elastomers for a unique softness. These waxes and elastomers are what seem to add volume to lashes. The formula remains creamy to the last drop, and the ultra-volumizing effect maintains its effectiveness. The mascara is available in a limited edition of four new neon shades: Purple Pump 160, Blue Pump 260, Coral Pump 640 and Pink Pump 840.

The mascara can be used in a single color or multiple colors to create some unique and fun looks, such as one color on the lower lashes and another on the upper lashes. Or just apply a little pink or blue to your lashes for a beautiful look that’s sophisticated and fun. The new vibrant shades are colorful and do give beautiful volume along with color.

Diorshow Pump’N’Volume Waterproof

Diorshow Pump’N’Volume Waterproof ($37 CAD) has the same formula and results as the waterproof version of Diorshow Pump’N’Volume reviewed here. For all the faithful wearers of waterproof makeup, Diorshow Pump’N’Volume Waterproof combines the ultimate in volume with a no-peel finish. Like Diorshow Pump’N’Volume, women can observe a 100% increase in lash volume** for ultimate volume and amazing staying power. the Diorshow Pump’N’Volume Waterproof elastic brush combines a rigid wand that ensures a stable and precise application, and a flexible spike that is very gentle on the lashes. While the drop in thickness between a classic mascara and a waterproof mascara can be disappointing, Diorshow Pump’N’Volume Waterproof uses a higher dosage of wax than the classic Dior Waterproof Mascara to maintain a thicker mascara. Easy to wear and apply, the mascara stays on all day without smudging.

Diorshow 2018 – Diorshow All Day Brow Pencil

Diorshow All Day Brow Pencil ($34 CAD) is Dior’s first “tattoo effect” tinted brow pencil that instantly creates a full, long-lasting brow look. “Brows are no longer a detail. Perfectly defined, strong and natural, brows are the essential finishing touch to high-impact eye makeup. To combine perfection with natural, real and long-lasting results, Dior has invented a tattoo effect brow ink that tints the skin underneath the brows.

The formula is enriched with high-intensity pigments that color the skin without even realizing it, with just one swipe. The angled applicator allows you to precisely define brows and easily fill in bare spots. The ink formula is enriched with water-resistant polymers to ensure 36 hours of perfect makeup without movement or fading, but can be easily wiped away with makeup remover. It’s available in light, medium and dark colors to suit every brow color. I’ve been using it since the past few days and the results are very natural, the applicator is perfect for just having an unfinished amount of product, I mean you can add or just be satisfied without overdoing the amount. If you see me on my Insta stories, I usually share my work looks on weekdays and you may have noticed that I prefer very natural brows which is a very nice addition. It doesn’t look like I’m using anything, but my brows are natural, more defined, and more beautiful.

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