Dior Hydra Life – Complete Skincare Collection

Dior Hydra Life – Complete Skincare Collection

Dior Hydra Life is a complete skincare range that uses gentle, effective natural ingredients to hydrate the skin. It is an innovative beauty line that is up-to-date, simple and effective using natural active ingredients. Since its launch, Dior Moisture Life has contained 83% natural ingredients and new floral actives. Since then, it has caused a sensation amongst all skincare enthusiasts, regardless of skin type. These formulas are paraben-free and contain less organic silicone than last year. The new launch has a fresh sorbet texture for a highly pleasurable experience. It contains prebiotics that re-synchronize skin flora and play an active role in maintaining healthy skin. Dior Hydra Life has a new moisturizing sorbet program as well as two irresistible cleansers that I’ll be talking about.

The new Dior Hydra Life sorbet program also covers all the daily skincare needs of women and men. The common theme of all the Dior Hydra Life lines is the signature ingredients of Hydra Life, Mallow and Haberlea Extracts, which enhance the water cycle in the skin and stimulate the skin flora responsible for its natural defenses. the 3-step sorbet program consists of prepping the skin (using a 2-in-1 smoothie to balance hydration), hydrating (using the hydration rescue of a powerful sorbet cream) and awakening the appearance (using a 2-in-1 smoothie to balance hydration). ) and awakening the appearance (with the cooling hydration of Sorbet Eye Gel). The two new cleansing formulas for all skin types are the Micellar Milk No-Rinse Cleanser and the 3-in-1 Makeup Remover. As this post is about my Dior Hydra Life skincare program.

Dior Hydra Life Triple Action Makeup Remover

Dior Hydra Life Triple Action Makeup Remover (42 CAD – 125 ml) is a triple action makeup remover that cleanses, soothes and beautifies the skin.Dior Hydra Life Triple Action Makeup Remover is a dual-phase solution that removes heavier makeup even from sensitive areas of the face. It contains three star ingredients: lily extract, which helps make lashes look more beautiful day after day. Licorice soothes the eye contour and a cleansing complex removes all traces of makeup.

I use this product a lot to remove makeup and it does a great job, even for long-lasting, heavy makeup. Make sure you shake it well before use, because I didn’t shake it well enough, but it did have an effect and my skin felt a bit oily after use. After shaking it well, use a cotton pad to apply and remove makeup. It did not irritate my eyes or skin. My skin didn’t have any tightness or dryness after application, it felt clean and moisturized. Not only does it work for eye makeup, I also use it to remove full face makeup and it works great. I then move on to the next step of either double cleansing with a cleanser or if I want to use the micellar milk for a less heavy or permanent makeup for the entire face.

Dior Hydra Life Micellar Milk – Non-Rinse Cleanser (49 CAD – 200 ml) is the first micellar milk to combine the cleansing power of micelles with the rich nourishing benefits of milk. With sensitive skin preferring milk to micellar water, and oily and combination skin preferring water-based products, Dior Hydra Life has achieved the feat of combining the softness of milk and the performance of micellar water in one formula. into water when it touches the skin. It contains two star ingredients: naturally sourced micelles capture the most stubborn makeup particles, while rice milk proteins help prevent nutritional deficiencies in the skin and stimulate and rebalance the skin’s flora affected by cleansing. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and is great for the face and eyes.

I use this micellar milk with cotton pads and it has a very smooth texture. It removes eye and face makeup very well. It is also very moisturizing and my skin does not feel uncomfortable or irritated. My skin looks hydrated, fresh and moisturized without feeling greasy.

Dior Hydra Life Balancing Moisturizer – 2 in 1 Smoothie Water

Dior Hydra Life 2-in-1 Smoothie Water (52 CAD – 175 ml) was developed in collaboration with Dior’s Asian Innovation Center in Japan.Dior Hydra Life 2-in-1 Smoothie Water is a fresh 2-in-1 beauty water that moisturizes and rebalances the skin. It is designed to be used after cleansing, as bare skin is both delicate and sensitive. This crystallized emulsion moisturizes the skin, strengthens its ecosystem and reduces minor imperfections such as enlarged pores, shine, redness and blemishes.

Dior Hydra Life 2-in-1 Ice Cream Lotion contains three star ingredients: a mineral powder that instantly reduces imperfections, powerful biofermented sugars that stabilize the skin’s flora day in and day out, and jasmine water that provides excellent moisturizing benefits. I prefer to apply it with cotton, but it also works well with my hands. I put a few drops in the palm of my hand and press them into my skin. It didn’t make me break out or irritate my skin. My skin feels moisturized and soft, and with regular use, I feel that the texture of my skin has become more refined.

Dior Hydra Life Deep Hydration – Ice Cream Water Essence

Dior Hydra Life Deep Hydration – Sorbet Water Essence (88 CAD – 40 ml) does 3 things in 1 step! The three effects are achieved in just one step: ultra-concentrated moisturizing with a serum, brightening with a gentle peel, and toning with an emulsion. Its translucent blue liquid texture provides a fresh sensation and instantly energizes the skin. Deeply moisturizing, it leaves skin smooth and radiant. Key ingredients include mallow, which deeply promotes the synthesis of hydrochannel proteins and stimulates the water cycle, and Hibiscus sabdariffa leaf extract, which, according to Dior Science, is the first ingredient that not only gently protects the skin’s bacterial diversity, but more importantly stimulates the production of ingredients essential to its beauty. Natural fruit acids provide an extremely gentle exfoliation, ideal for daily exfoliation of delicate skin. Dior Hydra Life Deep Moisturizing – Sorbet Water Essence is suitable for normal, oily and combination skin types.

I use it after applying Sorbet Water and before applying Hydra Life range of moisturizers or Intense Sorbet Cream. The serum spreads well on the skin and penetrates quickly. I feel it does more than just provide moisture, my skin feels fresh, toned and refined – making it look radiant and plump.

Dior Hydra Life Moisture Rescue – Intense Sorbet Cream

Described as a multi-purpose rescue cream, Dior Hydra Life Intense Sorbet Cream (82 CAD – 50 ml) has an incredibly light buttery texture that comforts, nourishes and strengthens dry, uncomfortable epidermis. It’s the perfect daily emergency skincare product, working on facial features like a strengthening yoga session for the body as it soothes, softens and strengthens. It contains two star ingredients: mallow oil, which nourishes and strengthens the skin’s barrier, retaining moisture in the cells and maximizing its impermeability, and chamomile extract, which calms irritation. It also helps eliminate redness and plumps and smoothes the skin’s surface.

It can be used in your daily skincare routine or as a nighttime mask during periods of heightened sensitivity or when your skin needs extra care. It works well on dehydrated areas of the skin other than the face, such as the hands, elbows and knees. The texture of the cream is very smooth and creamy gel-like. It blends well into the skin and leaves it looking fresh, plump and smooth. Even for my combination skin, which I sometimes avoid over-hydrating for fear of breakouts and congestion, this works well.

Dior Hydra Life Cooling Hydration – Sorbet Eye Gel

Dior Hydra Life Sorbet Eye Gel (70 CAD – 15 ml) is said to provide a unique eye refreshing sensation that awakens the eye contour in the blink of an eye. This is just one of the products that I have been using for a long time. Both the packaging and the product are great. The unique ceramic applicator has an icing effect that stimulates microcirculation around the eyes. The portable format is also great for traveling. It’s even great for ultra-sensitive areas. It contains three star ingredients: anti-inflammatory cornflower water to instantly eliminate eyelid congestion and puffiness, micronized mineral powder to illuminate and correct dark circles, and Abyssinian oil to nourish, protect, and strengthen lashes and brows.

I’m obsessed with the eye gel, it melts into the skin and gives me a very cool and refreshing feeling for tired eyes. The applicator works well with the product and my eyes feel relaxed and awake. I massaged it into my eyelids, eyebrows and temples and in addition to working on the eye area, it also relaxes and rejuvenates the area and mind. I do notice the illumination it provides when applied and the area is moisturized and looks fresh and awake throughout the day. I’ve been planning on keeping this eye gel in the fridge during the summer, it usually gets cold but I would love some cooler fun in the summer.

Overall, this is a nice range of products, very gentle but effective. I really enjoy using these products and they are suitable for all seasons. Moisturizing is key, no matter what type of skin you have, you need to hydrate and when it’s accompanied by toning, refining, firming and radiance treatments, what more could you ask for?

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