Estee Lauder – Favorites Review

Estee Lauder – Favorites Review

“All great things begin with a vision …… a dream,” says Estée Lauder. Estee Lauder, a brand trusted by women since the 1950s, has always been associated with luxury and revolutionary products. The brand was born at a time when the beauty industry hadn’t evolved much and a new era of beauty was beginning. My mom used to love Estee Lauder products when I was a kid, and she’s still a fan, and few of her favorites are now my favorites, and I’ll talk about five of them in this post.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II ($230 CAD) is a popular product that has been loved and praised by many beauty gurus and writers. It’s rumored that a bottle of this serum is sold somewhere in the world every eight minutes (I hope my numbers are right, it could be more, but not less). Glowing, youthful complexion. It’s suitable for all skin types and is a great choice if you have dull, dry, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles.

If you see in the picture, this is the largest size available in this product and I purchased this after finishing the regular size. I usually do this at night when my skin is dull and dry. I cleanse my face, tone my skin, massage in a few drops of serum and finally apply my moisturizer. In the morning, I do see that my skin is bright, moisturized and very comfortable. The texture of the serum is creamy and blends well into the skin. It has been a staple in my skincare routine and I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t repurchase it in the future.

Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum

Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum (112 CAD) reduces dark spots, sun spots, acne marks, dullness and redness. When I purchased this product last year, I started using it all the time and I did notice a reduction in my acne spots and my skin looked and felt very comfortable.

It did give my skin a glow that I lacked after childbirth and postpartum due to acne. It was very gentle and did not give me any irritation or side effects. If you want a gentle but effective product and you have the patience to see results in a few weeks (if dark spots appear), then this is a good choice.

Estee Lauder NightWear Plus 3-Minute Detoxifying Mask

Estee Lauder NightWear Plus 3 Minute Detox Mask ($54) is a detoxifying mask that minimizes pores and brightens skin tone. It has a liquid texture with lightweight clay that dries in minutes, drawing out impurities that build up and revitalizing lackluster skin. I use this mask when I need something in the morning and I’m in a hurry, I put it on and brush my teeth and it dries up after that, it’s that quick.

It’s very easy to remove and not drying for my combination skin type. Also, it really helps when my skin feels congested, has blackheads or my pores are more visible. My skin feels refreshed and smooth after use. I do feel that my skin is clearer and more radiant after using this mask. This is a great mask and does what it claims to do.

Estee Lauder Nutritious Rosy Prism Radiant Essence

Estee Lauder Nutritious Rosy Prism Radiant Essence ($98) is said to help neutralize irritants and eliminate dullness. Skin is restored to its natural balance and regains a youthful flush. Nutrient-rich Rosy Prism: the world’s first high-performance system that has been proven to dramatically reduce and help prevent yellow skin tone. It’s powered by antioxidant-rich pomegranate nectar infusion and pink peony extract. Sounds interesting, right?

For me, I do find that my skin feels a little neutral, not quite rosy, probably because I have very yellow undertones, and I think golden undertones is the right word. It does bring radiance and luminosity and also reduces dullness. The result is an even skin texture and a very subtle neutral rosy skin tone. Use regularly for better results.

Estee Lauder Youth-Dew Dusting Powder

Estee Lauder Youth-Dew Dusting Powder ($44) is a toning powder scented with gorgeous flowers, rich spices and precious woods. The powder’s scent is long-lasting but not overpowering. I prefer to use it in the summer after a shower and sometimes in all seasons. The texture is very smooth and I love the scent.

The box contains a good amount of product which will last for a long time. The gift of the bottle is very luxurious and helpful to use.

These aren’t new things I’ve tested, I’ve been buying and using these products for years and repurchasing them and thought about compiling some of them in a post. Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts where I talk about products I’ve been using and loving for a long time.

Have you used any Estee Lauder products? What are your favorites?

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