Lancome Visionnaire LR 2412 4% Cx Serum

Lancome Visionnaire LR 2412 4% Cx Serum

According to Lancôme’s website, it is a skin-correcting serum that “corrects wrinkles, pores and uneven skin texture. Day after day, your skin looks renewed. It looks softer and smoother. Skin texture appears refined.” Lancome Visionnaire LR 2412 4% Cx Serum is a new addition to my skincare routine.

I purchased this serum to lighten acne scars during my pregnancy and after a lot of research it was found to be safe to use during pregnancy. I have also used this serum during and after pregnancy. It’s a great serum for my combination acne skin. The texture of the serum is light and silky. This serum can be used both during the day and at night. I have been using this serum for about 3 months on and off during the day. The results were quick and within the first week of use, my skin started to look more even and radiant. I also think it has helped my skin to lighten acne scars to some extent.

Lancome Visionnaire LR 2412 4% Cx Serum has a very heavy scent but I love it. I’ve used this serum with and without makeup and the results were great in both cases. The skin is nice and even and looks radiant. It’s a good primer for makeup day. I have noticed that this serum has improved my skin texture and pore size. The serum blends well and absorbs into my skin quickly. So, I don’t have to wait to apply my moisturizer. I used 1-1/2 pumps of this product after toning and before moisturizing.

Overall, Lancôme Visionnaire LR 2412 4% Cx is the right serum for my skin type. I don’t plan on repurchasing it anytime soon as I have a lot of other serums that I like and some that I want to try.

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