Signs Of Aging

We are well aware of sudden sprouting of deep wrinkles or fine lines. Are we not? A single gray hair on your scalp and your world turns upside down. Isn’t it? Initially, fine lines begin to appear and with each passing day, deep wrinkles, loss of density and loss of elasticity start becoming more prominent.

A normal human being ages due to a number of reasons. Some of the factors are biological and cannot be tampered with. However, a variety of other influential factors render our skin to age prematurely. But with a healthy approach and top-notch lifestyle and skincare, not only will there be a check on visible signs of aging but it will also prevent premature aging of the skin.

Each human being is made up of an uncountable number of cells. Cells are the fundamental unit of life. Cells constitute to form a tissue and a collection of tissues is usually referred to as an organ. After we are born, each and every cell in the body begins to age. Although this might not be noticeable during early stages of life, whereby the same process is known as growth and development, but the cells in our body are actually undergoing the notorious process of aging.

There Are Three Primary Indications Of Aging:

1. Wrinkles: fine lines and wrinkles first begin appearing at the age of 25. Since they are more prominent at different spots on the face, they are usually easy to detect. Fine lines are small and shallow wrinkles that emerge on the outer corner of the eyes- popularly known as ‘crow’s feet’. Wrinkles that appear on the forehead are referred to as ‘horizontal lines’. A lot many facial expressions may exaggerate the very appearance of the fine lines and deep wrinkles.

2. Loss of volume: loss of volume might be difficult to identify sometimes. Sagging skin, turkey neck, loss of contours, chicken skin or looking drawn are all manifested due to concurrent loss of volume. Although these are hard to pinpoint but leave no chance to change the overall look of the face. Loss of volume triggers the stressed, sad and negative facial expressions.

3. Loss of density: after the 50s, skin begins to lose its texture and elasticity. The structural quality of the skin reduces and it becomes to appear drier and more ‘crepey’.

Best Skin Care Routine For Aging Skin

It’s actually the ultimate goal of each woman across the globe to look much younger than the actual age. No doubt about it! When asked about the perfect skincare regime, most of them are actually clueless. Since,we’ve already talked about basic skin care routine which applyies on every skin type and which product should you use depending on your skin type,now we are going to talk about skin care routine for aging skin.Here’s what the typical skincare routine for aging skin should be:

1. Wash your face: in order for the best skincare products to guard your skin effectively, wash your face with lukewarm and cold water alternately and with a non-soap cleanser. Whether it is gel or creams but these will penetrate properly if you do the above.

2. Treat your eyes: as discussed above, the outer areas of eyes are the first to manifest possible signs of aging. The skin around the eyes is more thin, dry and sensitive. Putting a pea-sized cream with the ring finger will not only apply the least pressure but will also restore the troubled spots.I personally use Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy .

3. Moisturize: the skin will become dehydrated if you don’t apply something to restore the natural moisture. After every wash, the skin becomes deprived of moisture. Gently massaging lotion on cheeks, neck, face and chest will maintain the moisture balance.I use three times a week Instant Wrinkle Reducer,mantains the moisture balance and gives lifting effect.

A. For puffy eyes: with age, blood circulation eventually slows down and ligaments weaken. This pushes the fat forward. Application of cream with aloe vera and caffeine will restore the circulation.

B. For dark circles: sometimes, due to genes, blood starts pulling in vessels. For boosting circulation, gel or night cream with caffeine or grape seed extract should be used.

C. For dehydrated and saggy skin: with time, collagen starts deteriorating and skin starts to sag. Face creams with hyaluronic acid as the constituent will lock moisture and improve collagen production.

D. For dry skin: alteration in hormone levels or weather or bar soap or alcohol-based cleansers are the culprits behind the dry skin. A cream with humectant, like glycerin, is a must.

E. For uneven skin tone: this condition might come along with the loss of structural proteins or sun exposure. Lotion, gel and cream with peptides and soy or licorice extracts work wonders.If you want to try something different,try Illuminatural6i.I use 2 bottles a year,during the winter.

F. For combination skin: combination skin might be due to hormonal imbalances or genetics. Usage of moisture with dimethicone and green tea is beneficial.

Acne Prone Aging Skin

Acne doesn’t affect teenagers only. A sensitive aging skin is as prone to acne as any teenager’s skin is. What follows is a comprehensive list of skincare regime for fighting acne and wrinkles. Luckily with the following suggestions, you can fight both acne and wrinkles at the same time:

Morning Skincare Routine:

a) Cleanse: while treating acne, women should always go for gentle cleansing products. Selecting the harsh ones always backfires because it dries the skin.

b) Exfoliate: selecting an exfoliant with salicylic acid penetrates deep into the pores and removes all excess sebum, dead skin and clogged pores. No clogged pores mean no breakouts.

c) Antioxidant serum: skin ages much fast following exposure to free radicals. These accelerate aging process leading to dark spots and wrinkles. Antioxidant serum keeps a tab on free radicals before they pave way their way to causing harms.

d) Serum with hyaluronic acid: hyaluronic acid is a boon for the skin. It traps the skin moisture and keeps it well hydrated.

e) Moisturizer with niacinamide: niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that fights dark spots, wrinkles and acne in addition to hydrating the skin.

f) Sunscreen: sunscreen with zinc oxide is a must in daily skincare wardrobe.

Evening Skin Care Routine

a) Double cleanser: use oils like the jojoba oil to remove makeup and sunscreen. It’s the best anti-acne oil and clears clogged pores. Excess can be removed by using a foaming cleanser.

b) Vitamin A: vitamin A not only boosts cell regeneration and collagen production but also fights free radicals and acne.

c) Hyaluronic acid serum: usage of separate hyaluronic acid serum at night if your skin is extremely dry works wonders.

d) Niacinamide moisturizer: use the same as used in the morning.

In some period during the year, when I have problem with clogged pores and acne,I use line especially designed for this kind of skin problems,it’s called ClearPores.

Feel free to give your opinion about this tips and recommended products, if you’ve tried some of these.

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